The All Africa Viewers Choice Awards are a celebration and recognition of African excellence in Film and Music by the African people. Viewers and listeners get to nominate artists they believe stood out among their peers and as soon as nominations close, they then vote for who they believe is the best of the best. 



Works done from the 1st of July of the previous year to the end of November of the following year (e.g. July 2020 till November 2021) are eligible for entry. Nominations for the 2nd Annual AAVCAs will open midnight after the awards ceremony and run for a period of two months. Voting for winners commences as soon as an independent auditor has verified the top 5 nominees in each category and will also run for two months. Works done by Africans from all African countries can be nominated provided they've been released to cinema, digital platform (including social media), VOD platforms and/or television platforms. Make your voice heard.

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