Why pay $1?

The awards depend solely on you the viewer, you have the final say here, no jury, no panel and certainly no personal interest interference from the organizers and sponsors, we however need to make sure the voting is moderated to avoid one person just clicking away in front of their computer hence the paid for voting.

Where is your USD$1 going?

1. Part of it will go towards charity organizations chosen by the winners in each category. Such charity organizations may be from any African country and it absolutely cannot be the winner's own foundation or charity organization. Full terms and conditions will be sent to the nominees. 

2. Part of it will also go towards the AAVCA Film Fund, this fund is especially set-up by the organizers and sponsors to assist African film makers with funding for their next projects so they can continue to tell our stories in our way and show the vast talent Africa has. Producers from any African country may apply, full terms and conditions will be attached to the application forms. 

3. Lastly part of it will go towards providing funding to African youths interested in studying film and music.

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